Once you have your perfect cigar, you'll want to browse through the accessories that Gordon's Cigars has to offer!

From lighters to travel cases, Gordon's Cigars carries everything you need to make your smoking experience memorable.  Of course, the first step in preparing for that is to make sure you have a good cigar cutter.  Gordon carries a wide variety of cutters (so you don't have to use your teeth!), so after you purchase the cutter, make sure you snip the end off with a quick, solid motion.  This prevents tearing, and will help to ensure you enjoy your stogie to its utmost potential.

A lighter is equally important.  Many experts claim normal lighters affect the flavor of a cigar.  The lighter of choice for most cigar aficionados is the torch lighter.  Place the tip above the flame to light, let the cigar "prime" the end before you take your first puff.  Gordon can show you his assortment of lighters to choose from, and can show you the proper way to light a cigar if you're not quite yet proficient at it!

Other accessories include ashtrays and humidors, all of which carry a lifetime guarantee.

Make your escape to Gordon's Cigars in Colorado Springs, Colorado, for the most ultimate smoking and social experience you'll find in the region.