THE Social Cigar Shop

Quality cigars and good company.

Established in 2010, Gordon's Cigars in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is known for being THE social cigar shop that avid cigar smokers seek as their destination for quality cigars and good company. A fellow long-time cigar smoker himself, Gordon is committed to providing the highest quality cigars you can find in El Paso County. Having spent much of his life doing "serious" work, including serving in two different armies, Gordon decided it was time to create a fun place for his customers to retreat, unwind, and relax. In fact, many customers consider Gordon's Cigars their "home-away-from-home"!

Eclectic, yet homey and comfortable, stop in and see why Gordon's customers choose his cigar shop to purchase top-notch cigars and accessories. You may get wrangled into a card game, or you may want to bring your own bottle and enjoy a fine cigar while watching a movie or a sporting event. Gordon's Cigars also offers a kitchen...just in case you get hungry! Open 365 days a year, Gordon is known to do the cooking on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, serving military guys who are working over the holidays, and anybody else who loves cigars and knows that Colorado Springs, Colorado's #1 social cigar shop will take care of them.

Gordon's Cigars offers discounts to
veterans, college students, policemen, firemen, and EMT.